Design101 is a class web project by Kurt LeBlanc

Web Design Concepts

The original Internet, ARPAnet, was developed in 1969.

The Internet is a network of networks, or a series of “Interconnected networks.” The World Wide Web (and Web pages, like this one) are only one part of the Internet. The WWW is a vast network of servers that:

  • Provide access to our own Web sites
  • Link to others’ Web sites
  • Display images and multimedia information
  • Connect with databases

There are a lot of ways to make web pages that are made from an HTML skeleton and decorated with CSS and images. Multimedia and interactive media, like Flash, can then embellish the site. Finally, client- and server-side scripting languages automate pages and make them more interactive.

This site will give you an overview of Web technologies and provide some tutorials on Web design and development.

These are some of my favorite links!

  • Revision3 PixelPerfect with Bert Monroy

    Photoshop tips and tricks from master digital artist Bert Monroy!

  • Free SEO Tools

    See what keywords on your page are seen as most important to the search engines with the Keyword Density Analyzer.


    A repository of well designed CSS based websites from around the world.


    Fred Miranda's digital darkroom, articles, forum, portal, reviews, and more.

Take the quiz...

  • Web Design Quiz

    Written in PHP, provides server-side validation, and final score tally!